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It is one of the most common questions we encounter when speaking with new clients…. Why do I need a custom building designer for my project? There are many reasons why people choose to engage the services of a boutique design firm. Transforming your vision into a purpose fit home, extension or renovation is a challenging, yet exciting journey – When it’s done well, the results speak for themselves. This article explores the 5 main reasons why a custom designed house can make a real difference.


#1. A design that suits your lifestyle

With a custom design, you receive a solution entirely suited to your lifestyle and requirements. By starting with a blank canvas, you are not constrained by the standard arrangements and particular house size of a project home builder. When engaging a bespoke designer, most people have a vision for their dream home, an opportunity to shape your ideas and inspiration into a hand made solution. It is almost impossible to achieve this goal without asking a specialised designer to reflect your wants and needs.

#2. Living spaces that work

A custom design incorporates practical and desired features to optimise space and functionality. This is where real value is achieved:


  • Living areas customised to suit the family, whether it’s growing or downsizing
  • Flexible and zoned living areas designed to complement the owners’ lifestyle
  • Rooms are carefully designed to the appropriate size so that money is not wasted by ineffective use of space

#3. Balance between home, site and nature

A home designed by a custom designer is unique and site specific. It takes into account all the characteristics of the block and its surroundings:

  • Enhancing views that may be available
  • Orienting living spaces to embrace natural light
  • The shape of the lot and slope of the land
  • Positioning around existing neighbouring buildings
  • Privacy from neighbours and the street
  • Consideration to connect exisiting and new structures

An experienced designer will take into account all of the above design elements in the initial concept stage. By making appropriate adjustment to the fall, construction costs can be significantly reduced and ensures a logical connection between the inside and out.

#4. Environmental Considerations

During the design phase, a custom building designer will take into account important environmental considerations. By addressing these issues, the design ensures a comfortable internal living environment (not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter) and reduces the cost of excessive energy consumption.

The orientation of the site is an important design factor in allowing the warm winter sun to be admitted into the house and excluded during the hot months of summer.

Appropriate positioning of windows and other openings promotes cross ventilation utilising predominant winds and breezes. Materials can be selected that are both sustainable and low maintenance. Experienced designers will also ensure that suitable insulation is provided in walls, floors, and roofs so that the house does not suffer from extreme temperatures during the varying Australian seasons.

#5. Return on Investment

There is no doubt that investing in a house is a big decision. In many cases it is the single largest expenditure that a person will undertake in their lifetime. The advantage of a custom designed house is the higher capital gain that can be achieved. Unique and individual houses are much sought after.

In most cases, there is almost no comparison between a standard house and a contextually suited, custom designed house on the market.

Unique characteristics and higher quality of design resolution compared to a project home, all contribute to a higher capital gain. Volume Project Builders have set designs and generally only allow for a small margin of change. This is well suited to those who are happy to select from a brochure, however, can be very costly when adapting the standard plans to the particular site or personal preferences. Therefore, while the initial investment may be higher, this investment can be repaid many times over by the increased capital value.


The team at Mavtect Designs have over 40 years combined Design experience. Each member of the design team holds degree qualifications in Architecture and bring unique capabilities from their varied backgrounds.

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